Creating Opportunities across the Globe

Talmore+ was founded by a team of recruitment and sales specialists to solve a simple problem: Especially in high-growth environments, recruitment and outbound sales teams struggle with a lack of qualified prospects and spend too much time and money on tasks that don't require their level of expertise. We tackle that challenge.

At Talmore+ we believe that no country has a monopoly on genius. Our goal is to leverage the global pool of genius to connect people with opportunities.

Leadership Team

The leadership team has (co)built 15+ ventures, built 13+ revenue engines (€300m ARR), and placed 1,000+ candidates across Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia.

  • Manuel Biermann

    Manuel Biermann


    Manuel is driven by developing solutions and creating opportunities across the globe.

  • Klaus Preschle

    Klaus Preschle


    Klaus is driven by expanding his global network and sharing opportunities.

  • Lisa Encarnacion

    Lisa Encarnacion

    Head of Learning and Development

    Lisa is motivated by building a team of world-class Recruiters, Talent Sourcers and Talent Coordinators.

Talmore's 80+ talents are looking forward to proudly representing your brand

Our talents are hand picked and trained in the Talmore+ Academy. Through the academy and work they do, they upskill to double their market value and have an average NPS of 8.3.

Picture of the Talmore+ Team

We are revenue builders ourselves. Whatever we build is designed to scale and last.

Ventures (co) built
Revenue engines (co) built
Candidates sourced

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