Source Quality Candidates. Attract Top Talent.
Close New Customers.

The secret sauce of recruitment and sales teams that move fast and efficiently

Talent acquisition professionals and outbound sales teams can focus on high value-tasks while we take over the groundwork for them. Our solutions include:

Scout & Screen

Fuel your recruiting team with perfect new candidates. Your team focuses on high value activities like interviewing candidates and iterating your hiring engine. We can take care of repetitive tasks like sourcing and data enrichment, all the way up to the full recruiting cycle.

360º Recruitment in the Philippines

Hire top talent in the Philippines. Your team focuses on onboarding great candidates. We take over the full recruitment cycle using our active sourcing and proprietary performance recruitment approaches.

Sales as a Service

Fuel your SDR team with perfect prospect data. Your SDRs focus on high value activities like building opportunities and iterating your revenue engine. We do the repetitive lead sourcing and data enrichment.

Last 30 days

Candidates sourced per month
63,497from 56,693
Increased by 12%
Prospects qualified per month
71,897from 70,946
Increased by 12%
Average Client NPS
8.6from 8.2
Increased by 4.87%

Benefits of working with Talmore+

Why Partners choose Talmore+

Reduce Time-per-hire

Hire target candidates faster and more efficiently through active sourcing.

Reduce Cost-per-hire

Save cost by offloading tedious work to your Talent Sourcers.

Improve Scalability

Get recruiting manpower right when you need it and grow your team.

No more Tedious Work

Focus on your high-value tasks. Engage only with pre-qualified candidates.

Increase Team NPS

Let your recruitment & sales team focus on what they enjoy: talking to interested prospects.

Keep your Team Lean & Agile

Keep your team lean and focused by outsourcing the tedious work to Talmore+.

Your peers built pipelines fast and efficiently!

Companies that grow fast and last benefit the most. All we do is rooted in battle hardened blueprints, and can easily be scaled to your own team. This allows you to grow predictably and repeatably.

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Let's schedule your personal Discovery Call.

We will open our blueprint and share our best practices with you. Let's have a look at your recruitment pipeline, processes, and team setup in order to explore how our team could support you.

Talmore+ Solutions

Get to know the Talmore+ Solutions

Scout & Screen

We enable recruiters - agency, in-house and freelance - to focus on high-value tasks by taking over the groundwork for them. Talmore generates pipelines of engaged high-quality candidates for in-house and agency recruitment teams.

“Great partnership between Talmore+ & our team. The whole team - team leads and talent sourcers - have delivered what we expected. Very reliable, efficient and approachable. We can only recommend working with them.”

Picture of Tatjana Walzer, HR-Manager at Complori
Tatjana Walzer, HR-Manager at Complori
Illustration of a tech-enabled recruitment funnel

360º Recruitment in The Philippines

Our Tech-Enabled recruitment approach allows us to build up pipelines of top canidates for your requirements across industries, roles, and salary ranges. Our team (Recruiters, Talent Sourcers, and Talent Coordinators) and our proprietary Performance Recruitment Solution will generate talent pipelines of highly qualified canidates for your job openings.

“Together with Talmore+ we were able to recruit more than 20 quality talents in the Philippines very quickly.Their focus on getting the right process with technology is a big differentiator to other recruiters out there.”

Picture of JJ Tan, Founder, Jelly
JJ Tan, Founder at Jelly
Illustration of a tech-enabled recruitment funnel

Sales as a Service

Whether you are building your product market fit, building your revenue engine, or scaling your revenue engine - we have the people, processes, content, and tools to get your jobs done. Talmore generates outbound demand-, engagement-, and deals for start- and scale ups.

“Talmore+ allowed us to scale seamlessly by providing our SDRs with on the point qualified prospects. They understood our ICP and Personas and managed to keep up with the demand of our outbound sales team.”

Picture of Seby Pelaez, Founder, The Troops
Seby Pelaez, Founder at The Troops
Illustration of a tech-enabled recruitment funnel

Let's schedule your personal Discovery Call.

We will open our blueprint and share our best practices with you. Let's have a look at your recruitment pipeline, processes, and team setup in order to explore how our team could support you.

Leadership Team

The leadership team has (co)built 15+ ventures, built 13+ revenue engines (€300m ARR), and placed 1,000+ candidates across Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia.

  • Manuel Biermann

    Manuel Biermann


    Manuel is driven by developing solutions and creating opportunities across the globe.

  • Klaus Preschle

    Klaus Preschle


    Klaus is driven by expanding his global network and sharing opportunities.

  • Lisa Encarnacion

    Lisa Encarnacion

    Head of Learning and Development

    Lisa is motivated by building a team of world-class Recruiters, Talent Sourcers and Talent Coordinators.

Talmore's 80+ talents are looking forward to proudly representing your brand

Our talents are hand picked and trained in the Talmore+ Academy. Through the academy and work they do, they upskill to double their market value and have an average NPS of 8.3.

Picture of the Talmore+ Team

We are company builders and recruiters ourselves. Whatever we build is designed to scale and last.

Candidates Sourced
Candidates Hired
Revenue engines (co) built

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