Cover Image Why we started Talmore+

Why we started Talmore+

Talmore+ is a talent acquisition platform that helps recruiters focus on high-value tasks by handling sourcing, pre-qualification, and performance marketing. It aims to build a network of smart, highly-skilled candidates to support startups, recruitment agencies, and corporates across the globe. Talmore+ invites companies and recruiters to leverage its solutions for scalable recruiting processes and access to top talent.

Manuel BiermannManuel Biermann

Manuel Biermann

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If you’re a recruiter, manager, or founder, you know what value good talent brings to your company. Over the years spent building and working with startups, I’ve learned it can often be the deciding factor of success. A good team is not easy to assemble, but once you acquire great talent, the network effects are extremely rewarding and effective. We built Talmore+ to kickstart our talent track in Europe and Southeast Asia, and now we’re ready to grow the network and share this advantage with more companies.

Talmore+ enables recruiters – agency, in-house, and freelance – to focus on high-value tasks by taking over the groundwork. We specialize in two services: active sourcing and pre-qualification of candidates (Scout&Screen) and smart candidate recruitment through performance marketing strategies (BoostRecruit). The solutions take away the burden of time-consuming, mundane tasks so recruiters can focus on interviewing and placing talent.

Origin Story: Why we built Talmore+

We built Talmore+ out of our own necessity. My business partner Miguel and I first met at an event in 2018, hosted by the Philippine Embassy in Berlin. We connected over our shared interest in the recently rising opportunities in Southeast Asia. We both recognized the growth of a young, digital-savvy population, but realized that the business side hadn’t caught up to consumers’ need for innovation. We decided to work together to satisfy this “need” by investing into startups with potential success in Southeast Asia and by combining local A-players with experienced startup operators from other countries to build our own solutions and ventures from scratch. That’s how we founded our VC firm, Unifier Ventures, and our venture builder, Litmus Ventures. What we needed next was a crowd of top-class talents.

I adamantly believe that a “bad team” with a great idea wouldn’t be able to amount to much, whereas a great team with even a mediocre idea can direct themselves towards something greater or find the right opportunities to execute, adapt, and grow. If you can get the right people, with the right skills, into the right roles, you can build an unstoppable team.

Expanding the Network

Using Talmore+ we’re better able to find smart, highly-skilled candidates to support us and our portfolio of companies. But how do we continue to pull in great talent? We’re cultivating a win-win environment where great opportunities attract great talent, and that talent attracts more talent and more opportunities. To further expand and nurture this network, we’re inviting other companies and recruiters to work with us and take advantage of our solutions. Today, we open our doors to everyone who is looking for more scalable recruiting processes and access to talent. Get in touch to talk about how you can use Talmore+’s solutions to build your unstoppable team.

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