Source quality candidates.

Let us do the groundwork and jump straight into interviewing and placing the best talent out there.

Your own dedicated active sourcers.

Outsource time-consuming tasks that don’t require your level of expertise. Your dedicated Talent Scouts are your active sourcing team. If preferred, they interact with candidates under your company name. All candidates can be added easily to the Applicant Tracking System you are already using.

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Increased productivity. Optimized scalability.

Leverage your extra manpower to reduce cost- and time-per hire. Complete more placements and grow your team in the most efficient way possible. You can easily add more Talent Scouts - aligned with the pace at which your business grows.

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How it works:


Book your
Talent Scouts

Based on your sourcing needs, you book your Talent Scouts. They are your dedicated assistants, at your disposal full-time and during your office hours.


Brief and steer your Talent Scouts

Brief your Talent Scouts on the requirements for your vacancies. You choose the frequency of your meetings and the tasks, your sourcers will be working on.


Receive pre-qualified candidates

Based on your instructions, your Talent Scouts will provide matching candidates. You can choose the level of pre-qualification. Your sourcers will highlight the best matches. If needed, they can easily add the candidates to your ATS.


Provide Feedback &
Improve Results

Continuous and close feedback is crucial. In case the first candidates your Talent Scouts have found are no match, your feedback enables them to adjust the search and find those 10/10s in the next round.

Your Benefits

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Reduce Cost- and

Outsource monotonous and time-consuming steps of your recruiting process.

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Unprecedented scalability

Build your team and make more hires through unlimited manpower.

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Focus on
high-value tasks

Let your dedicated Talent Scouts do the groundwork for you.

The Talmore+ Promise:


Talent Scouts

100% GDPR

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