Attract Top Talent.

Performance Marketing for your job openings. Attract and convert target candidates in their native online environment.

Attract your
target candidates.

Optimize your candidate marketing in the war for talent. Our performance marketing specialists help you reach active and passive job seekers and convert them when you need to.

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Continuous optimization through extensive tracking.

Our digital marketing specialists will set up campaigns with precise tracking, allowing us to constantly monitor and adjust campaigns towards high-impact channels and low cost conversions.

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Engage target candidates in their native environments.

Our cross-channel approach and detailed targeting enables you to reach your ideal candidates in their native online channels. This means more reach at lower costs.

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The Process:


Job Posting

We create a landing page for your vacancies, optimizing the content through keyword research and SEO to rank higher in the Google Search Results and make the job postings easier to find for potential candidates.


Precise Targeting

By creating detailed candidate personas, we dive deep into the socio- and demographic characteristics of your ideal candidates to understand their interests and behaviours.



We post your vacancy on multiple channels to reach your target groups where they spend the most time and attention. Through detailed targeting, we are able to show our ads to the right people with content that is native to their usual online experience.



We set up proper tracking to gain insights into the audience's interaction with the ads. Using this data, and our deep understanding of the algorithms of ad networks such as Facebook and Google, we're able to optimize our campaigns towards low-cost conversions.

Key Benefits

Opportunity vs Need

We show talents in your specific target audience the job vacancies they're not aware of.

Native Environments

We reach talents by tapping into their daily lives instead of waiting for them to find you.

Top of Mind

Let your dedicated active sourcers do the groundwork for you.

Easy Integration

Our tools integrate seamlessly with yours. Inbound candidates are added to your existing ATS.

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