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2020 Recap and what's planned for 2021

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Alex Hergt
2020 Recap and what's planned for 2021

2020, what a year, right?! It definitely brought its challenges and fortunately we can say that we managed to handle them. Our family and friends are safe and healthy and we hope this is also true for you and your families.

The services we offer with Talmore have been in internal use for quite some time. But during this pandemic-ridden year, we decided to make our products and services available to clients outside our direct ecosystem and help them find more talent for themselves and their clients.

Over the course of this year, our Talent Scouts managed to support our partners with thousands of candidates for companies which were growing despite the challenges of a pandemic.

It is a great feeling to look back and see that we were able to do our part in balancing the economical impact of this pandemic. It is inspiring to support businesses which are not only withstanding the current environment but manage to keep growing. Being able to onboard more and more Talent Scouts while the local economy in the Philippines is taking a big hit makes us happy and hopeful for the future, as well.

For Talmore, 2020 ends on a good note, but we are also happy it is finally over… Over the last quarter of 2020 we improved our processes, we made our internal training more scalable and we introduced new tools to improve the performance of our Talent Scouts. For 2021, we have big plans. Aside from onboarding new clients across Europe and the United States, we are also looking forward to releasing more products over the course of the coming year.

With our initial offering Scout & Screen we support recruiting agencies, recruitment tech companies and job platforms with our Philippine-based Talent Scouts.With a growing number of clients and increasing demand, we will continue to welcome many more Talent Scouts into our team. Moreover, we added Talmore Teams as an additional service to our offering. Through Talmore Teams, we are building multiple Philippine-based remote teams for partners in Europe. Our tech-enabled processes and local network allow us to tap directly into the Philippine talent pool. While we had been using tools for the targeting and assessment of candidates for internal purposes already, we realised that the value of these technologies justifies a product in itself. 

We are excited for 2021 and the opportunities it will bring. We want to support the economic turnaround by helping our partners to grow their teams and those of their clients in the most efficient and scalable way possible - through the manpower of our Filipino Talent Scouts and the tools to handle the demands of their clients efficiently. So stay tuned for multiple product launches during 2021.


For now, we would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of the Talmore+ journey so far, both clients and our team members. To both we can say with confidence: This is just the beginning…

We wish everyone happy and healthy holidays, and a good start into the new year.

Your Talmore+ team

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