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Talmore was founded by a team of recruitment specialists and venture capitalists to solve a simple problem: Especially in high-growth environments, recruiters struggle with a lack of qualified candidates and spend too much time and money on tasks that don’t require their level of expertise.

We tackle that challenge. By partnering with recruiting agencies, in-house recruiting teams and freelance recruiters, we enable them to focus their time and attention on those steps of the hiring process that require their core skill: the eye for the perfect match.
Manuel Biermann
Managing Director

Our Team = Your Team

We know how hard it is to find that 10/10 candidate during fast-growth or bulk-hiring phases. As a founder, I have been in the same position many times. You are short on time, your recruitment team is busy interviewing candidates to fuel the company’s growth or satisfy the client's hiring needs. Ideally, you only want to spend time with the most promising candidates. This is why we started Talmore and built a team that enables us to do exactly that: Offload the groundwork like candidate sourcing and pre-screening, and focus on top-class candidates. Our well-trained, highly efficient Talent Scouts and digital marketing specialists are ready to do the same for you.

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Very happy 4.7 out of 5

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Great challenge and completely worth it

Being a Talent Scout at Talmore+ is a valuable experience. I especially enjoy the learning environment. Mistakes are never punished. Instead, we are encouraged to learn from them. Expectations are high but the team is motivated. Together we strive to make our clients happy. I am excited to see where my journey with Talmore+ takes me. Much more to come!

Talent Scout

Developing as a team

As a team lead, I am responsible for steering a team of Talent Scouts and communicating with the client. It is fascinating to see the development of the team, how they learn and improve every day. Interacting with international clients is challenging and fun. Plus it advances my personal development.

Senior Talent Scout, Team Lead

A culture of growth

Our ultimate goal - to deliver value to our clients and make their lives easier - is only achievable with a strong and motivated team. We try to create an environment which fosters both company and personal growth of every Talmore+ team member. With so many smart, engaging, and fast-learning people, I see endless potential in the Philippine talent pool. Developing our local talent is not only the basis for our company’s success but also a great way to give back to the community we rely on.

Alex Hergt

Our Values

Absolute Reliability
Maximum Efficiency
Quality above quantity
Constant Innovation
Unbroken Perseverance

Office Culture

We want to guarantee excellence and continuous reliability in our services. The only way to achieve that is to create an environment that favors a happy and highly productive team. Therefore, we hold regular team building events and do everything we can to make sure our team members enter the office with a smile on their faces every day.

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